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Jane Eyre

Author: Charlotte Brontë (Currer Bell) First Published: 1847, by Smith, Elder, and Co. Poor Jane Eyre—the doormat of 19th-century literature. Everyone walks all over her, and her mistreatment by other characters throughout the novel is both infuriating and disgusting. From the Reeds and Mr. Brocklehurst in childhood, to the Ingrams and even her beloved Mr. […]

Great Expectations

Author: Charles Dickens First Published: 1860-61, in All the Year Round The two questions about Dickens that people most often ask me are “What is your favorite Dickens novel?” and “If I’ve never read a Dickens novel before, which one should I start with?” My answer to both is usually Great Expectations, though that answer […]

Bleak House

Author: Charles Dickens First published: 1852-53, by Bradbury and Evans WARNING: Plot spoiler Bleak House is Dickens’s great indictment on the Victorian legal system, but also his critique of a world that refuses to endorse love in anything but its most conventional and socially-acceptable forms. As in all of Dickens’s novels, there are many stories […]