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Author: Toni Morrison First published: 1987, by Alfred A. Knopf Sixty million, and more. It’s very difficult for me to write about this novel, for what can one say about something that renders horror so beautifully? Any words I might conjure up about Beloved can only stand weakly in the shadow of its awesome power. […]

All the King’s Men

Author: Robert Penn Warren First published: 1946, by Harcourt, Brace, and Company WARNING: Plot spoiler This book might just deserve the recognition of being considered one of the greatest novels ever written. It is a masterpiece in every way—masterful in its style, execution, breadth, depth, “realism,” and even plot—conceived and bequeathed to us in the […]

The Age of Innocence

Author: Edith Wharton First Published: 1920, in the Pictorial Review The first chapter of the Age of Innocence is one of those magical first chapters that contains the entirety of the book within it. In fact, it holds a single sentence that contains the entire book: He had dawdled over his cigar because he was […]